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We have priced the EZ-level system to ensure maximum profitability and flexibility for you!

There are 3 areas of profit using the EZ-Level system.

1). Retail profits
2). Labor savings
3). Repeat business
4). Closed Contracts
Retail Profits: 
The EZ-Level system is sold in "sets" which cost $14.25 each (dealers only). For larger quanties, click this link to see Quantity Breaks  yielding even more profit.

Most dealers sell our system for $20 - $25 per set "installed". 

Labor Savings:
Remember: Even if your customer paid $0... the EZ-level system will actually save you enough labor to easily pay for the system!  

Repeat Business:
Strangely enough, we are finding that people tend to "talk" about our leveling system. (playing golf... at lunch...) It's very unique, and it's very cool! NO ONE has EVER seen a system like ours before! Impressing clients because they know... "The difference... is in the details"!

Closed Contracts:
Sometimes I need a little extra edge to close a contact . Especially if my client is getting other bids. Then... I will show them the video and if need be... I tell them that we will be installing their cabinets using the EZ-Level system. Then I ask? What are the other contractors using? 
(you can bet the answer will be "$2.00 shims"). 
~How To Sell Our System~

Simply send your clients an email with this video link. 
(you can copy and paste the link)  

NEW: We now have "banner links" that you can embed on you web site too!

***They almost ALWAYS choose the EZ-Level...!***

At that point... Simply place your order for the levelers
and you will receive your package in 2-3  days... Ready for install!

No inventory requirements!
 ~ Dealer Pricing Examples ~
Order Notes:
(8) 24" sets @ $14.25 ea   = $114 "Dealer Cost"

Resale @ $20 ea = $160
$46 "extra" profit 
+ Labor savings
+ Satisfied customer

EZ-Level Dealer Program
Order Notes:
(10) 24" sets = $142.5
 (1)  12" set   =   $9.5
                          Total: $152

Resale: $215 installed
$63 "extra" profit
+ Labor savings
+ Satisfied customer
Quantity BreaksAvg. No. of KitchensExtended Price

Up to 100 sets mthly            0 - 8   $14.25 set
100 - 200  sets mthly     8 - 17 $13.75 set
200 - 300  sets mthly    17 - 25$13.25 set
300 or more sets  mthly      25 plus      $13.00 set
***Avg. No. of Kitchens based on an average of (12) Sets sold per kitchen. This can vary greatly depending on size of kitchen.
*** PLEASE NOTE: For Dealer discounts... Give us a call and we will set up your account***
When you're ready... Simply click below to order.
The EZ-Levels have been reengineered with a new "sled style" foot and are now available in a gold finish ($2 per set extra for gold finish)
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You should allow  about 3 days delivery from the date of shipment.